Baseline Gas Analyzer Performs Residual Solvent Analysis

Dienstag, April 17, 2018

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Baseline Gas Analyzer Performs Residual Solvent Analysis of Ethanol, Isopropanol and Acetone in Air

LYONS, CO – AMETEK MOCON’s Baseline® 9100 Gas Analyzer performs the analysis of residual solvents in air—ethanol, isopropanol (IPA), and acetone—that are used in semiconductor cleanroom environments, i.e. solvent stations.

During semiconductor fabrication processes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted primarily from diffusion and cleaning during wet-etching processes. The residual presence of these solvents can be detrimental to production yields and to worker health.

MOCON’s Baseline® 9100 Gas Analyzer combines the selectivity of gas chromatography with the sensitivity of a photo ionization detector (PID). The analysis provides an interference free response to ethanol (if desired), IPA, and acetone in air—no preconcentration necessary. Competitive analytical approaches that require preconcentration exhibit much longer analysis times, are much more costly, more complex, and suffer from poor reproducibility.

The solvents are detected and accurately quantified to sub-ppb levels in under 3 minutes with ethanol producing no interference. The instrument is sensitive to below 5 ppb for both IPA and acetone employing MOCON’s standard Baseline® PID, and < 0.1 ppb using MOCON’s high sensitivity Baseline® PID.

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